From the desk of Steve Patton

Welcome From The University Church
   Today brings lots of new and returning college students into our assembly, along with parents. We always look forward to this Sunday and to the new school year with our college students. We have a great group every year and I know this year will be no exception. For new students and their families who may be with us today, I would like to tell you a little about the family of believers that meets here.
   Our group is made up of a cross section of our city, culturally, racially, and economically. We desire to blend all into one strong family of God. We strive to follow the Bible and establish hearts that love God and his people. We seek to be an accepting group, yet one that believes in the disciplined life of true discipleship. Grace and mercy are extremely important to us. So are self-denial and commitment to God's way. We accept the challenge of living for Christ in an unbelieving and immoral world.
   This group is led by seven elders selected by the congregation. The congregation is also served by 18 deacons. The congregation is served by three preachers, Josh Creel, Steve Patton, and Taylor Pickup. We also have many capable teachers that lead wonderful bible classes.  All seek to be diligent in their service to us all. 
   We work to fold our college students into the local work, involving them in many  ways. If, as a student, you choose to identify with us, we will regard you as a regular member. We are thrilled that we usually have 65-75 place membership each year. We are always impressed with our students' commitment and love the energy they bring to our family. We look forward to another great year and encourage you to be a part of our work here. We will benefit from your contributions and we believe you will benefit and grow with us.