From the desk of Joshua Creel

 In asserting his integrity, Job proclaimed that “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look with lust at a young woman." (Job 31.1 NLT) I have no doubt it was a battle for Job to keep his covenant at various points in his life, and if it was a struggle for him in his culture, what does that mean for us living in a culture that embraces lust and impurity? For many the battles are intense and frequent, but the covenant is worth making and keeping.
    Let's not mince words: pornography is an absolute scourge on our society. Not only does it violate the will of God (Matthew 5.27-28) making profane what God has made a blessing in marriage (Hebrews 13.4), but it has severely damaged the attitudes men and women have towards the opposite sex and about themselves. Men and women, created in the image of God, are objectified and degraded.The battle against pornography is one that must be fought; it's a battle we must win.
    We want to provide some help for those engaged in this struggle, to help them make and keep their covenant. We've invited Stephen Rouse to speak for us on Saturday, September 14. Stephen is very open about his own past struggles, so he will not only explain the severity of the issue, but will also focus on how God can help us be victorious. There will be 3 sessions, each with a follow-up Q&A:
10am - The Poison of Pornography
11am - Short-term Battle Strategies
Noon - break for lunch
1:30pm - Long-term Battle Strategies & Proactive Prevention
    One note to parents: I believe you can benefit from this material, whether your kids are in elementary, middle, high school or college. But this material is NOT intended for young ears, so please plan accordingly. 
    Please pray for this effort and for those engaged in battle. Pray for victory.