From the desk of Steve Patton

“He made Himself nothing”
 “…He made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant.” 
                            - Philippians 2.7

Being a true servant is challenging. It requires far more than most are willing to give. In the above passage Paul describes the nature of true service as illustrated by Jesus Himself. The Son of God made Himself “nothing!” He emptied Himself of Heaven’s glory, of his rightful position as ruler of all, in order to be our servant. We, too, are not true servants unless we are willing to sacrifice ourself, to even give up what may be rightfully ours to become a servant to others. Jesus said the greatest in the kingdom of God are those who will be servants of their brethren (Matt. 20:26). 
As we consider additional deacons for this congregation, let us remember something that is very important: They will not be the only servants in the church. In principle every single one of us are called to be a bondservant of our brethren. We must all be willing to sacrifice self in order to humbly serve one another, just like Jesus did. Whether or not you ever serve in the role of deacon in a local church, you will have unlimited opportunities to serve. The only question is, will you be willing to sacrifice your time, talent and money to be a true servant? That is what God asks of each of us. I hope we all will learn to be “a servant of all.”