What To Expect When You Visit

Singing. This is not a "performance" or entertainment so even if you cannot sing well, the most important aspect is the heart felt expression of worship towards God. Everyone is encouraged to participate and lift their hearts and voices in praise to God.

Prayer. At various points during the worship, men of the congregation lead us in prayer. Each individual is encouraged to pray along, using the leader's thoughts as the basis of their own prayer to God.

Scripture Reading. Each year we select a theme for the public reading of scripture that centers on some aspect we wish to grow in as a group. We use this as a time to reflect on God's teaching on this matter.

The Lord's Supper. Like the church during the time when the New Testament was written, we participate in observing the Lord's Supper on 'the first day of the week' (Acts 20.7). The supper consists of unleavened bread and fruit of the vine as memorials to the body and blood of Jesus Christ (1Corinthians 11.20-34).

Preaching. Each week a speaker makes practical application from God's Word to educate, encourage and some times admonish both Christians and those who have yet to decide to become a disciple.

Giving. Christians are instructed to give as they have been prospered on the first day of the week (1Corinthians 16.1-2). Should you visit, we will not ask for your money. This is our responsibility, not yours.