Let This One Pass"


"Let This One Pass”

Steve Patton 

He had been walking all morning and was tired. The day was hot and the journey was not over.  He was near a town full of people who didn’t like his kind.  So he sat down by a well and sent his friends into town to get some food.  A Samaritan woman came to the well to get water, someone his people had nothing to do with.  This was certainly a time to just ignore the woman and quietly wait for his friends to return with some food.  But Jesus didn’t do that.  Though everything about the situation said, “Let this one pass” He did not do it.  Here was a soul to teach.

The result was a town full of people came out to hear the words of Jesus and many people were led to the Lord.  Who woulda thought!

This account from John’s gospel (4:1-42) illustrates how open doors are often where we least expect them.  The secret is being open and aware to the souls around you.  We fill our mind with our jobs, our daily chores, our recreation and entertainment, our emails, games, family and friends.  Nothing wrong with that.  Except all those things bring us into contact with souls – lost souls – and we must see them that way.  I know every conversation we have can’t include an offer of spiritual teaching.  However, if we are sensitive and thoughtful about other’s lives throughout the day we will begin to see how many open doors God places before us.  There are Christians in this congregation today who are here because someone saw them as a friend, neighbor or associate in need of the Lord.  And they talked to them.

How many open doors will be placed in front of you this week?  Pray for opportunities and then keep yourself aware each day of doors God opens.  God will lead you to a soul.