A Conversation With ...

A Conversation With ...

We have Sunday evening lessons online at 5 pm (unless otherwise noted). If you wish to participate, please use this link: (Click Here




23rd - JP Flores

30th - Elder Devotional



6thElder Devotional

13th - JP Flores

20thElder Devotional

27th - Kevin Clark will speak with us about how to promote harmony in the local church. Kevin is a successful lawyer in Birmingham, but his passion is helping God's people.



4thElder Devotional

11th - Jimmy Petrousse

18thPatrick Brentlinger

25thKevin Hall


Previously Recorded A Conversation With ... Episodes:

Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
06/06/21 Elder Devotional: Where Never is Heard a Discouraging Word Eric Sanders NT: Acts of the Apostles Sunday PM Service
05/30/21 Elder Devotional: Archaeology and the Bible Steve Patton Bible Archaeology Sunday PM Service
05/23/21 Jonah J.P. Flores OT: Jonah Sunday PM Service Jonah.mp3
05/16/21 Elder Devotional: Mercy. Our Loving Response to Others Eric Sanders Mercy Sunday PM Service Mercy-Our_Loving_Response_to_Others.mp3
05/09/21 Elder Devotional: Washing/Cleansing Steve Patton Baptism Sunday PM Service Elder_Devotional-Washing-Cleansing.mp3
05/02/21 Congregational Meeting: Phil Robertson Phil Robertson Technology Sunday PM Service A_Conversation_With_Phil_Robertson.mp3
04/25/21 Elder Devotional: Hearts Set on Eternity Eric Sanders Heaven Sunday PM Service Hearts_Set_on_Eternity.mp3 Hearts_Set_On_Eternity.pdf
04/18/21 Congregational Meeting: JP Flores J.P. Flores Evangelism Streamed Service Congregational_Meeting_-_JP_Flores.mp3
04/11/21 Congregational Meeting: Bill Sanchez Bill Sanchez Evangelism Sunday PM Service Congregational_Meeting_-_Bill_Sanchez_-_Audio.mp3
03/28/21 Elder Devotional: 1 Peter 1:8-10 Eric Sanders NT: 1 Peter Sunday PM Service Elder_Devotional_-_1_Peter_1-8-10.mp3
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