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2017 Summer Series

Our Summer Series will features speakers from our area throughout the summer. Click here to view the schedule.

2017 Bible Reading Plan

Commit to spending some time each week in 2017 paying attention to the message of the prophets! Download the Bible reading schedule here. This week's reading is Lamentations 1-5.


From the desk of Steve Patton

“I hope to see you in passing as I go to Spain, and to be helped on my journey there by you, once I have enjoyed your company for a while.” Romans 15:24
    As Paul closed his letter to the church at Rome, he spoke of his plans for the furtherance of the Gospel. He not only hoped to see the brethren in Rome but he hoped they would help him go on to Spain. At that time, Spain was the western edge of the known world. Paul was wanting to take the Gospel as far as he could. He knew the importance of every soul on earth.
    I leave today for my ninth trip to Ethiopia. Bob Owen has decided to "retire" from his annual trip. His son, Scott Owen from Dyersburg, TN, will join me in Addis Ababa. It seems like you are traveling to the end of the world because of how long you are on airplanes getting there. But the increase God has given in the harvest field there has been worth it all. It has been amazing, not only in numbers of conversions but in the maturing of preachers and churches. A lot has been accomplished but, with the addition of more churches and more preachers each year, there is so much more to do.
    I ask you to pray, not just for our safety, but for further fruit in Ethiopia. I also will be visiting the brethren in Scotland on the way home. I look forward to returning in a month. Follow my blog at:
 I will write and post pics whenever I have internet connection.

From the desk of Taylor Pickup

Jeremiah 46-51 is a series of oracles against the various nations that existed during that time. Jeremiah was declaring the future downfall that God was bringing upon those nations. We may ask why this is relevant for us today. Why would the fate of those people and their nations be something that God decided to include in His holy scriptures? Is there really any benefit in studying the Bible’s description of ancient world events? Yes, there is enormous benefit!
Jeremiah’s words show us that mankind as a whole hasn’t improved. The Egyptians trusted in their Pharaoh. The Moabites trusted in their false gods. The Ammonites trusted in their wealth. The Edomites trusted in their fortified dwelling places. Babylon trusted in their tremendous military might. But Jeremiah declared that the nations were placing their trust in something weak and unreliable. God alone was powerful and the source of actual strength. Through Jeremiah’s oracles, God was claiming that the earth was His to control and rule.
The world today acts just like the ancient world. People trust in their social status, material possessions, military might, and human leaders. That’s why the congregation here is constantly trying to lean on God’s grace and love. If Jeremiah showed up today and spent time with the Christians here in the University area, I hope he would be pleasantly surprised to see that we put our complete trust and faith in the Lord.

From the desk of Joshua Creel

It's Not A Sin If You Don't Act?
Being tempted isn't a sin. I've said that many times to many people. I've said it to people who were struggling with sin, seeking to encourage them that not acting on the temptation is itself a victory. And this is true... in part. After all, we know our Savior was "tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin" (Heb. 4.15). Being tempted isn't a sin.
However, we might have mistakenly lumped temptation in with desire. Temptation arises from an external stimulus and seeks to arouse our desire. And when our desire is sufficiently enticed, we sin (James 1.14-15). So, it's not just the actions that are wrong, but the condition of our heart which make those actions possible. This was Jesus' point in the sermon on the mount when He emphasized that true righteousness warns against more than the actions of murder and adultery, but must govern the hatred and lust within (Matthew 5.21-28). It is why He said our sinful actions proceed from the heart (Matthew 15.19).
We cannot prevent temptation from coming our way; the world is filled with them. But our aim is to condition our hearts so that not only do we refrain from acting on temptation, our hearts don't even desire to act! Then we will truly be "pure in heart" and have the hope of seeing God (Matthew 5.8).