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Seasons of Life

I believe I am correct in stating that the last time it snowed in Tampa was in 1977.  I was a Florida College freshman and my roommate, Hubert Smith, a Tampa native, had never seen snow before.  I was excited to tell him. About 4 am that morning I woke up, looked outside and then told Hubert it was snowing. Naturally, he called me a liar and told me to go back to bed.  Snow in Tampa?  Very rare.

Full weather cycles that relate to seasons are not too frequent here in Florida.  Some of us prefer it that way and others of us would prefer more contrast over a 12 month period. A little more multi-colored fall or a little more white in winter might please some, but others would say, “If you want that, head north until you find what you want.”  Personally, I fall into both sides of the issue.  I would like a little more contrast but I sure don’t prefer snow plows, snow blowers or even snow cream.  I’ll settle for an occasional hot chocolate on those infrequent “cold” nights. Seasons tell us a whole lot about God.  The apostle Paul reminded us that God “has not left himself without testimony: He has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons” (Acts 14:17).

However, there are also seasons of life that everyone everywhere goes through if they live long enough to meet “winter.”   There are always reminders of life’s seasons. Births and deaths continue as they have even from the very beginning of time. Through each season of life we realize that life has meaning and a challenge to live as God intends.  Each day, week, month and year brings new “weather” to all of us, and challenges that are faced by all people.  This “cycle of life” can be difficult at times; it often changes rather abruptly and without warning.  It is LIFE.