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Planning Your Future

My Horoscope for Today: Don’t overreact. Be willing to adjust to change and accept what others want to do. Don’t limit what you can do by being stubborn or jealous. The best route to take is the one of least resistance.

If kinda sounds like I just need to sit with folded hands and smile today.  Of course most of what it says applies to everyone on any day of their life.  I’ve never seen a horoscope that said, “Overreact.  Never adjust to what others do. Limit yourself by being stubborn and jealous. Run roughshod over other people in your path.”  I am glad I do not let horoscope writers guide my life.  Yet many people follow them “religiously” believing the position of the stars determines their fate.  This belief has been around for millennia. Even Daniel the prophet had to deal with the astrologers in the Babylonian Royal Palace.  But Daniel proved who was in control of the future by spelling out to King Nebuchadnezzar the words of Jehovah God about the future of the nations (Daniel 2).  In fact, Daniel told him the rise and fall of kings would be determined by Jehovah God, not by the forces of the Milky Way (Dan. 2:21).  For us, the future is not influenced by the phases of the moon but by our God and the power of prayer. 

As we work toward Heaven as an eternal people do not be afraid to take the Word of God and follow its teaching.  It alone contains the plan for your life, not the stars.  Make plans for 2012 that will help you become what the God of the universe wants you to be.  He is in control.  Isn’t it wonderful to know that the future is the hands of an all powerful, all knowing, benevolent God - one who will finally separate the righteous from the wicked and take his faithful home to be with Him?  Do not let your life be crippled by the foolish ideas of men about the future.  The future lies with God.  Take control of your life and follow Him.  The rest will take care of itself.