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Salvation is Nearer Than When We Believed

Time flies! The concept of time is certainly an interesting one. Sometimes time can drag on and appear slow or it can also be gone in an instant. Regardless of how it may feel to us, time is consistent and it goes on regardless of if we want it to or not. If we think about our goal of heaven, we must remember that the judgment day is approaching quickly. In Paul’s encouragement to the Romans, he reminds them that “salvation is nearer to us than when we believed” (Romans 13.11). We must also be reminded that Judgment is closer than when we first believed.
Ever since we first believed time has been moving along. Regardless of our spiritual highs and lows, being on fire for God or feeling weak, time has kept going. Judgment is approaching, becoming more of a reality with every passing hour.  Peter and James also speak to this. Peter admonishes his audience to be sober for “the end of all things is near” and that judgment will “come like a thief” in the night (1 Peter 4.7; 2 Peter 3.10).  James will encourage his readers to be strengthened and be not of faint heart, for “the coming of the Lord is near” (James 5.8).
The second law of thermodynamics states that isolated systems become more and more disordered as time progresses, essentially saying they degenerate over time. Without interrupting variables being introduced the systems will continue to become more chaotic and disordered.
Some people want to remain stagnant in their faith. They do not want to decrease or fall away but they are not willing to put in the effort to have growth. If we are not growing, we are devolving or dying. If we are not growing, we are becoming more disorderly and falling from the qualities of God. Like the isolated system, we must have an outside source or variable (effort, work, study) to grow and change the natural tide of disorder and chaos.
Growing is emphasized throughout the New Testament.  Paul will pray and preach for growth.  He calls for us to abound and grow and to be immersed in the precepts of God (Philippians 1.9-10; 1 Timothy 4.15; Galatians 6.9). We must grow, draw nearer to God, and become more like God all the time.  We can never grow enough.  We cannot stop or we begin to go backward.  We must press on to the ultimate standard God has set for us: Jesus.
We must remember that “salvation is nearer than when we believed" and so we must keep pressing on in our imitation of God.  Grow in your love.  Grow in your faith.  Grow in your encouragement.  Grow in your prayer life.  Grow in your studies.  Keep growing and do not stop for we are not promised tomorrow.  Judgment is coming.  It will be a rejoiceful occasion if you are on the Lord’s side.
Time flies, so do not let judgment catch you unprepared.   It is now nearer than when we first believed.  And, thanks be to God, our salvation is nearer than before.  Are you ready for it?