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Thoughts in the Night

The night hours tend to be worse. But sometimes not.

There are times when you will face a dispirited people. Some will have deep doubts of their very faith. Some may feel exasperated as did Peter when he drew his sword in Gethsemane. Some may believe that God has forsaken His people, and now only they are left to struggle and die. Elijah felt that way, and if he could, any of us could. Some may echo Holy Scripture as if the words were empty platitudes. Others may feel as those on the road to Emmaus; that all hope is gone, never realizing that the Christ was walking beside them on the very road. He was there, but unseen. May you remember the words,

"Comfort ye, comfort ye my people."

Isaiah 40.1

If you can remain calm, others will find strength in your presence.

As I reflect, my emotions, like yours and others, run the full range of despair to abiding faith. There is nothing I can do, and perhaps, that is the thought God wants me to understand. There is very little, if anything, any of us can do about our life. None of us had a decision in our birth, and none of us have a decision in our moment of death. Either we rely upon God, or we do not. We cannot venture out to walk on the stormy waters of Galilee and find ourselves not sinking if we take our eyes off the Lord. That Peter would even think of trying such has always been a wonder to me. Even now, I do not understand. His faith may have wavered, but my faith would probably have never allowed me to leave the boat. Peter is stronger than I.

God never sleeps, and God will be with you. We are told to love our enemy, but never for a moment, delude yourself into thinking your enemy is your friend. He is not. As the people of God, we are the target. Their goal is to wage war against the saints and to prevail against them. But this is to fulfill what is written: they hated me without a cause" (John 15.25b). We are assured by the Christ Himself: if they hated me, they will hate you (John 15.18). And hate us they do.

Speak with God daily. Find strength in His presence. In His words. In His promises.

And may God comfort your soul, your spirit, and your heart.