2017 Daily Bible Reading: Spending Time With The Prophets

Throughout 2017 we will be spending some time with the Old Testament prophets. This is the focus of this year's reading program and various sermons and articles throughout the year will provide more information regarding these important books of the Old Testament. Click on any of the links below to access the material and check back throughout the year for updates.

  1. Reading plan for the prophets.
  2. Introductory material on the prophets.
  3. The book of Jonah
  4. The book of Amos
  5. The book of Isaiah
  6. The book of Hosea
  7. The book of Micah
  8. The book of Nahum
  9. The book of Habakkuk
  10. The book of Zephaniah
  11. The book of Joel
  12. The book of Zechariah