Summer Series (Wednesday Evenings at 7pm)

I am the LORD your God, who teaches you to profit, who leads you in the way you should go (Isaiah 48.17b). Join us this summer as we hear several guest speakers deliver lessons from God's Word that will encourage us and help us in our walk with Him.




2nd - Don Truex: Finding Common Ground - Evangelism and Paul in Athens

9th - Shane Scott: Unraveling of Reality - How Current Social Issues (Racism, Abortion, Transgenderism) All Have The Same Common Origin

16th - Ralph Walker: Undeserved Reconciliation - Genesis 33:1-3: The Meeting of Jacob with Esau

23rd - Andrew Roberts: "The Blessing of Walking Together" - The Joy and Benefits of Being a Member of a Local Church 

30th - Dave McClister: John 12:3 - “The House was Filled with the Fragrance”



7th - Dillon Adams: To Be Announced

14th -Jonathan Banning: What God Really Wants - “I Desire Compassion and Not Sacrifice…"

21st - Phil Robertson: Philippians 2:14-18 - Grumble, Grumble, Grumble - What Makes Christians Shine as Lights to the World?

28th - Jeff Himmel: The Right Kind of Regret - A Lesson on Regret and Repentance 



4th  - Dave Schmidt: Psalms 2 - Why do the Nations Rage…

11th - John Weaver: Complementary Christians: It’s About More than “Women’s Roles".

18th - Nathan Ward: The Problem of Doubt – Doubt is Something Nearly All Christians Face at Some Point and No One Really Wants to Talk About It. Let’s Talk About It.

25th - Isaac Torres: To Be Announced



1st - JP Flores: To Be Announced


Previously Recorded Summer Series Lessons:

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Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
07/21/21 “Grumble, Grumble, Grumble” Phil Robertson Summer Series 2021 Summer Series Summer_Series_-_Grumble_Grumble_Grumble_-_Phil_Robertson.mp3 Phil_Robertson.pptx
07/14/21 What God Wants Jonathan Banning Summer Series 2021 Wednesday Service Summer_Series_-_What_God_Wants_-_Jonathan_Banning.mp3 Jonathan_Banning.pptx
07/07/21 Nice vs. Kind Dillon Adams Summer Series 2021 Summer Series Summer_Series_-_Nice_vs._Kind_-_Dillon_Adams.mp3
06/30/21 The Sweet Aroma of Jesus' Death David McClister Summer Series 2021 Wednesday Service Summer_Series_-_The_Sweet_Aroma_of_Jesus_Death_-_David_McClister.mp3 The_Sweet_Aroma_of_Jesus_Death_v_2.pptx
06/23/21 The Blessing of Walking Together Andrew Roberts Summer Series 2021 Summer Series Summer_Series_-_The_Blessing_of_Walking_Together_-_Andrew_Roberts.mp3 The_Blessing_of_Walking_Together.pptx
06/16/21 Undeserved Reconciliation Ralph Walker Summer Series 2021 Summer Series Summer_Series_-_Undeserved_Reconciliation_-_Ralph_Walker.mp3
06/09/21 The Unraveling of Reality Shane Scott Summer Series 2021 Wednesday Service Summer_Series_-_The_Unraveling_of_Reality_-_Shane_Scott.mp3 The_Unraveling_of_Reality_-_University.pptx
06/02/21 Finding Common Ground Don Truex Summer Series 2021 Wednesday Service 6-2-21.mp3 Finding_Common_Ground_wide.pptx
08/27/20 God's vision for grandparents Don Truex Christian Living Summer Series
08/20/20 God's vision for those caring for elderly parents Dave Schmidt Christian Living Summer Series
08/12/20 God's Vision for Empty Nesters Ralph Walker Christian Living Summer Series Ralph_Walker.pptx
08/06/20 God's Vision for Young Men & Women Considering Baptism Barry Hudson Christian Living Summer Series
07/29/20 God's Vision for the Single Parent Kent Heaton Christian Living Summer Series
07/23/20 God's vision for families with teenagers Phil Robertson Christian Living Summer Series
07/16/20 God's Vision for Families with Young Children Nathan Ward Family Summer Series
07/09/20 God's vision for troubled marriages Ken Chapman Marriage Summer Series
07/02/20 Open My Eyes That I Might See Earl Walker Christian Living Summer Series
06/25/20 God's Vision for the Newly Married Chase Clark Marriage Summer Series
06/18/20 God's vision for the single christian Paul Gavin Christian Living Summer Series
06/11/20 God's vision for those looking to marry Kevin Floyd Christian Living Summer Series Gods_vision_for_those_looking_to_marry.pptx
08/28/19 Above all, Through all, In all Don Truex NT: Ephesians Summer Series Above_All_Through_All-In_All.mp3 Above_All_Through_All_In_All_Widescreen.pptx
08/21/19 One Baptism Nathan Ward NT: Ephesians Summer Series One_Baptism.mp3 August_21_Nathan_Ward.pptx
08/14/19 The History of the Text Will Dilbeck NT: Ephesians Summer Series The_History_of_the_Text.mp3 A_History_of_The_biblical_Text2.pptx
08/07/19 One Faith Edwin Crozier NT: Ephesians Summer Series One_Faith.mp3
07/31/19 Lessons from Being a Father Kevin Floyd Family Summer Series Lessons_from_Being_a_Father.mp3 Kevin_Floyd_sermon_7-31.pptx
07/24/19 One Lord Kent Heaton NT: Ephesians Summer Series One_Lord.mp3 Heaton_7_24_UNIVERSITY_One_Lord.pptx
07/17/19 One Hope Ralph Walker NT: Ephesians Summer Series One_Hope.mp3
07/10/19 The Raising of Lazarus Steve Patton NT: John Summer Series The_Raising_of_Lazarus.mp3
07/03/19 Being a Blessing to Others Jerry Elmore Brotherly Love Summer Series Being_a_Blessing_to_Others.mp3
06/26/19 Parables of Jesus Multiple Speakers NT: Ephesians Summer Series Parables_of_Jesus.mp3
06/19/19 One Spirit David McClister NT: Ephesians Summer Series One_Spirit.mp3 June_19_David_McClister.pptx
06/12/19 Spiritual Maturity Kenny Embry NT: Ephesians Summer Series Spiritual_Maturity.mp3 By_this_time_Sermon_University.pptx
08/29/18 They Seemed So Strong Eric Sanders Struggles Summer Series 08292018.mp3 They-Seemed-So-Strong_WIDE_.pptx
08/22/18 Struggling Because Temptation Is Everywhere Paul Gavin Struggles Summer Series 08222018.mp3 Surrounded.pdf
08/15/18 Struggling With The Distractions Of Worldly Pursuits Nathan Ward Struggles Summer Series 08152018.mp3 Nathan_Ward_-_The_Distractions_of_Worldly_Pursuits.pptx
08/08/18 Struggling To Be Different From Your Peers Chris Osborne Struggles Summer Series 08082018.mp3
08/01/18 Struggling To Recover From Spiritual Failure Tommy Peeler Struggles Summer Series Struggling_with_Spiritual_Failure.pptx 08012018pm.mp3
07/25/18 Struggling With The Appeal Of Atheism Will Dilbeck Struggles Summer Series 07252018.mp3 The_Appeal_of_Atheism.pptx
07/18/18 Struggling because People Don't Want to Hear the Gospel Dave Schmidt Struggles Summer Series 07182018pm.mp3 No_One_Cares_Anymore_3.pptx
07/11/18 Struggling With Going Through The Motions Jerry Flatt Struggles Summer Series 07112018pm.mp3
07/04/18 Struggling With So Many Being Lost Wilson Copeland Struggles Summer Series 07042018.mp3
06/27/18 Struggling With Commandments You Wish Were Different Michael Schmid Struggles Summer Series Struggling_With_Commandments_You_Wish_Were_Different.pdf
06/20/18 Struggling To Build Your Own Faith Kent Heaton Struggles Summer Series 06202018pm.mp3 Struggling_to_Build_Your_Own_Faith.pptx
06/13/18 Struggling With Spiritual Laziness & Procrastination Tommy Matthews Struggles Summer Series 06132018pm.mp3
06/06/18 Struggling With Loneliness Thaxter Dickey Struggles Summer Series 06062018pm.mp3
08/30/17 The Story of Satan Nathan Ward Satan Summer Series 08302017.mp3 Nathan_Ward.pptx
08/23/17 Why the Tower of Babel Luke Chandler OT: Genesis Summer Series 08232017pm.mp3 God_Dwelling_on_Earth_LChandler.pptx
08/16/17 The King of the Dinosaurs Andrew Roberts OT: Genesis Summer Series 08162017.mp3 University_King_of_Dinosaurs16_9.pptx
08/09/17 Seeing the Good of Jerusalem Dave Schmidt OT: Psalms Summer Series 08092017pm.mp3 Wed_night_8-9_-_Schmidt.pptx
08/02/17 God-Made, Not Self-Made Jason McCreary OT: Genesis Summer Series Wed_Night_8-2_Jason_McCreary.pptx

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