Sunday Evening Schedule

Sunday Evenings

Objective: To offer a format for Sunday evening that will encourage, edify, and instruct as many of our family as possible

How: A blended schedule for Sunday evenings, meaning that it would be a mix of different types of services during the month

Result: This format will allow flexibility in scheduling different activities to maximize the opportunity for member involvement and will be driven by the family's current needs.


Sunday Night Schedule


2nd - Neighborhood Devotionals  

9th - Song Service

16th - Neighborhood Devotionals  

23rd - Daniel Lookadoo

30th - Neighborhood Devotionals  



7th -  JP Flores

14thNeighborhood Devotionals 

21st - Benji Groen

28thNeighborhood Devotionals  



4th -  Prayer Service

11thNeighborhood Devotionals 

18st - Song Service

25thNeighborhood Devotionals  



1st -  Elders Q/A

8thNeighborhood Devotionals 

15th - Missions Update

22ndNeighborhood Devotionals  

29th - JP Flores