Sunday Evening Schedule

Sunday Evenings

Objective: To offer a format for Sunday evening that will encourage, edify and instruct as many of our family as possible

How: A blended schedule for Sunday evenings, meaning that it would be a mix of different types of services during the month

Result: This format will allow flexibility in scheduling different types of activities to maximize opportunity for member involvement and will be driven by the needs of the family at the time.




2nd - Sermon: Isaac Torres

9th Neighborhood Devotionals  

16th - Ethiopia Update (Steve Patton)

23rd Neighborhood Devotionals  

30th - College Led Service


7th Neighborhood Devotionals  

14th - Prayer Service

21st Neighborhood Devotionals  

28th - Sermon: JP Flores


4th - Neighborhood Devotionals  

11th - Sermon: Bryon Buzan 

18th Neighborhood Devotionals  

25th - Song Service