Adult Bible Classes


Adult Bible Classes (December 2021 - February 2022)

Auditorium Class: John
Teacher: Will Dilbeck

Canaan Class: 16 Periods of Bible History
Teacher: Josh Creel

Israel Class: Proverbs
Teacher: Various

Jerusalem Class: Living Stones
Teacher: Lois Walker



Adult Bible Classes (September - November 2021)

Auditorium Class: Leviticus
Teacher: JP Flores


Israel Classroom: Acts
Teachers: Multiple


Canaan Classroom: Mark (College Class)
Teacher: Josh Creel



Adult Class Recordings/Materials:

Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
01/02/22 The Bread of Life - John 6 Will Dilbeck NT: John Sunday AM Service The20Bread20of20Life20-20John206.mp3 John_6.pptx
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