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We believe in the absolute authority of the word of God and its ability to provide answers for everything we do in our doctrine and practice.

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01/01/18 The Merciful Winds of Judgment (All Class Material) Eric Sanders Bible Class OT: Jeremiah Sunday AM Service Lesson_1.pps Questions_Lesson_9.pdf Questions_Lesson_5.pdf Questions_Lesson_4.pdf Questions_Lesson_3.pdf Questions_Lesson_2.pdf Questions_Lesson_1.pdf Questions_Lesson_14.pdf Questions_Lesson_13.pdf Questions_Lesson_12.pdf Questions_Lesson_11.pdf Questions_Lesson_10.pdf Questions_INTRO.pdf Lesson_9.pps Lesson_2.pps Lesson_13.pps Lesson_12.pps Lesson_11.pps Lesson_10.pps INTRO.pps CLASS_SCHEDULE.pdf CHART_V_-_Sign_Acts_or_Illustrations.pdf CHART_VI_-_The_Persecution_of_Jeremiah.pdf CHART_IV_-_Outline_of_Jeremiah.pdf CHART_I_-_Timeline.pdf CHART_II_-_The_Chronology_of_Jeremiah.pdf CHART_III_-_Chronology_of_the_Fall_of_Israel_and_Judah.pdf
01/03/16 Memory Verses for Adults, Lesson 9: Jeremiah 29:11 Kevin Floyd Bible Class OT: Jeremiah Sunday AM Service HDPVR2_20160103_0903.mp4 01032016.mp3
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