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Remembering Our Lord on December 25th

The suffering and death of our Lord is the greatest gift ever given to all of humankind.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…” (John 3:16).  It is the ultimate expression of Love, Grace and Mercy.  This sacrificial gift was underserved and unexpected.  It came from the heart of a God whose love knows no limits. 

So significant was this marvelous act of grace that our God asked us to remember it with a Memorial.  The New Testament gives us the example of the Lord’s Supper – instituted by our Lord on the night of His betrayal, and commemorated every Sunday by Christians in the New Testament.  It is a constant and meaningful reminder of the gift God gave for our souls.  How could anyone who appreciates this gift think that skipping this memorial feast is a minor affair?   

There are lots of churches that cancelled services today.  They see Christmas traditions as more important than the Supper of our Lord.  It’s an interesting decision, seeing most of them have adopted celebrating the Roman Catholic Holy Day of the birth of Christ.  (This Holy Day was added hundreds of years after the New Testament and is not based upon biblical teaching.)    There will even be Christians who skip the memorial feast today for the reason of family holiday traditions.  Family is important.  It is a wonderful blessing.  But let’s not let family tradition trump the weekly memorial feast of our Lord.  I am sure most of our members are here to worship today.  That says a lot about your priorities.  It encourages me.  Let’s all keep this commitment 365 days a year so that the light of the gospel may be seen in our lives by all who know us.