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Got Marriage Problems?

On the drive to the building this morning (Friday) I heard on the radio about a 99 year old Italian man who has filed for divorce from his 96 year old wife after 77 years of marriage.  The man was going through some chest of drawers (or “chester” drawers as we say in Arkansas) prior to Christmas and found some old letters she had written to a man with whom she had  an affair over 70 years ago.  The radio personalities were making all sorts of jokes and wise cracks about this situation as you might expect (and in a warped sense I suppose it is funny).  I’m quite sure there is more to the story than what I heard, but it is pretty sad when a husband and wife can’t work out their differences when they’re both in their 90’s; ESPECIALLY when they’re in their 90’s.

On the same radio show I heard about a man and woman who had been seeing a marriage counselor for several months, maybe years.  The man’s wife was also “seeing” the marriage counselor separately and eventually married the marriage counselor (that’s a pretty warped and sad story too).  The man was suing the marriage counselor and apparently had won the initial decision from the court for emotional damages.  You think???

Marriages built by the Lord (Ps. 127:1-2) aren’t without problems, but they certainly have built in sources of solutions which revolve around three main questions: 1) what does the Lord say? 2) what does He expect? and 3) what will I do?  When the Lord builds the house, our marriages and all our family relationships will weather any storms that may come our way (Matt. 7:24-27).  The wise man, woman and child build their house on the Rock!  Got marriage problems?  Answer the three questions.

I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s radio show.