The University church is a family of Christians deeply committed to the truth found in God’s Word. We believe true discipleship involves a complete submission to the will of our Father. The apostle Paul called our life “a living sacrifice, wholly acceptable to God, which is our reasonable service” (Romans 12:1). Each member is encouraged to find the joy of true discipleship – a life of happy devotion to our Lord.

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2015 Theme

We continue our reading program in the Psalms. This week's reading is Psalm 10-13. Read and take note of how God is with His people! You can download the entire Reading Schedule here.

Praying the Psalms by Josh Creel

    Today starts the third week of our Psalms reading program. This week's reading is Psalm10-13, but if you aren't on schedule don't worry, you can catch up in about 20 minutes! Reading the Psalms has multiple benefits as we learn more about who God is, His faithfulness to those who follow Him, His righteousness and His justice. We also read about what it means for man to truly rely on God, both in the good times and the bad. However, there is another practical benefit of the Psalms: they can help us make more meaningful prayers. All of us can fall into a rut in our prayers, using the same phrases, praying for the same things. If we are not careful, we can begin to "pray" without even thinking of the words that seem to automatically come from our mouth.
    In our reading this past week, I was impressed by all the passages that could be used in prayer. For instance:
Need a new of way of praising God? Try reading Psalm 8 as a part of your prayer.
Are you very thankful, but want a different way of saying "thanks" to God? Try reading Psalm 9.1-2 as a part of your prayer.
Have you been having a difficult time? Life getting you down? Try reading Psalm 9.9-10 as a part of your prayer.
Frightened by the news? Does the world seem to be spiraling out of control? Try reading Psalm 7.9-11; 9.19-20 as a part of your prayer.

Sunday January 25 2015

Old Testament: Gen 45-46 Gen 45-46

(Daily Reading, ESV)