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We believe in the absolute authority of the word of God and its ability to provide answers for everything we do in our doctrine and practice.

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02/21/16 Memory Verses for Adults, Lesson 22: Philippians 4:19 Matt Kelly Bible Class NT: Philippians Sunday AM Service 02212016.mp3 HDPVR2_20160221_0902.mp4
07/14/13 Philippians 3: Growing In Christ Steve Patton Sermon NT: Philippians Sunday AM Service 20130714am Philippians 3 - Growing In Christ.mp3 20130714am.mp4 Philippians 3 - Past Behind.pptx
06/02/13 Paul in Philippi: A Special Relationship Steve Patton Sermon NT: Philippians Sunday PM Service 20130602pm Paul In Phillipi - A Special Relationship.mp3 20130602pm.wmv
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