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Preaching from the Bible alone.

We believe in the absolute authority of the word of God and its ability to provide answers for everything we do in our doctrine and practice.

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Date Title Speaker Type Series Service Files Play
02/06/22 The Time is Now JP Flores Exhortations Grace Sunday PM Service 2_Cor._6.pptx The_Time_is_Now.mp3
07/26/17 Lessons in God's Grace - Israel at the Promised Land Edwin Crozier Summer Series Grace Summer Series 07262017.mp3 Edwin_Crozier.pptx
11/16/14 Grace Isn't Cheap Joshua Creel Sermon Grace Sunday AM Service 20141116am.mp3 HDPVR2_20141116_1025.mp4 Nov_16_AM_Sermon.pptx
11/09/14 Grace Isn't Free Joshua Creel Sermon Grace Sunday AM Service HDPVR2_20141109_1024.mp4 20141109am.mp3 November_9_AM_Sermon.pptx
05/18/14 Imitating God's Grace Steve Patton Sermon Grace Sunday PM Service 20140518pm Imitating Gods Grace.mp3 MXLRec 18-05-14 17_14_27.mp4
04/20/14 Why Would God Love Me? Joshua Creel Sermon Grace Sunday AM Service 20140420am Why Would God Love Me.mp3 MXLRec 20-04-14 10_31_19.mp4
09/16/12 The Grace of God Kenny Moorer Sermon Grace Sunday PM Service 20120916pm Grace of God.mp3 201209169m.wmv
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